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Wiring & Adapters

Working on your car requires you to learn how to be a mechanic, welder, fabricator, electrician and more. Fortunately, wiring has gotten easier over the years, thanks to advances in wiring harnesses. These bundles make connecting systems in your car much easier, without the need for soldering.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we have a wide line of wiring harnesses, adapters and relays, so that you can craft your own solution for a wiring problem. Whether you need to swap a set out, or if you need to splice wires together in a harness that fits your car, you’ll find everything you need here made by the industry’s best brands.

Is there an electrical problem that has you stumped? Contact our mechanics today. They, too, have plenty of wiring experience under their belts, and can help you figure out a solution to your wiring problem. With Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll be back on the road quickly, charging toward your automotive goals.