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Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

Everyone thinks about how much gasoline their engine should be getting when they’re going for a fast time. But just the right amount of air will truly make a car jump off the line. Our wideband air-fuel ratio meters help drivers monitor this mixture so they know if they’re at the optimal rate of 14.7-to-1 for gasoline engines (different for ethanol blends). Knowing the current ratio will help alert you to defective oxygen sensors and other failures while also indicating how certain tunes affect the mixture. With an air-to-fuel ratio gauge from Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll have the right tools to maximize fuel economy, increase horsepower and reduce emissions.

We stock air-fuel gauges from AEM, Prosport Performance, PLX, GlowShift and other leading gauge manufacturers. Standard gauge kits such as the AEM Wideband UEGO include wiring, oxygen sensors, faceplates and everything else for installing a new gauge. Many of them also will monitor your turbocharger boost system so you know if you’re at the right PSI. Track all of your vehicle’s important functions with gauge combo kits that contain an oil pressure gauge. If you want an insurance policy against catastrophic engine failure, failsafe air-to-fuel gauges will trigger an override strategy if the ratio is outside a safe operating window.

Get an analog air/fuel ratio gauge or a digital air-to-fuel gauge that gives you a precise, accurate reading of how lean or rich the mixture is. Many gauges can be customized by choosing your favorite light or faceplate color. Multi-color air-to-fuel gauges are another popular option as the lights change colors to indicate if you’re an ideal range or the “danger zone”. (And not the one with Kenny Loggins.) There are a lot of gauges in our shop, so call or email our pit crew if you’re looking for assistance selecting the right one. We want your car to have the Goldilocks mixture and will help you find what you need at a great price.