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Wastegates, Actuators & Accessories

We have a secret to tell you: your turbocharger could be better if it was more exhausted. See, turbo systems draw their operating power from engine exhaust gases, and when the pressure gets too high, the wastegate and actuator combine to dump excess gas back into the main flow. But here’s the thing: the stock components usually activate sooner than they need to, costing your engine potential horsepower. By adding an aftermarket wastegate or actuator from Modern Automotive Performance, you can maximize flow to get the boost you want, and show that sometimes being exhausted is a good thing.

We have a number of turbo wastegates in stock depending on what size turbo system you run and the amount of boost you want. Generally speaking, a bigger wastegate will give you a lower boost, while smaller wastegates will increase boost. If you want to have both, we carry adjustable wastegates as well. Whatever you choose, our external wastegates will maximize flow while easily handling the extra heat that comes with extra power. You’ll also need a strong actuator to hold the wastegate shut until the desired boost level is reached, and our turbo actuators are up to the challenge. Components such as the Evo X HKS wastegate actuator come with a range of springs for different base pressures are made from high-grade billet aluminum for incredible strength.

Our wastegates and actuators from brands such as TurboSmart, Precision Turbo, HKS and ATP bolt on directly for a quick and easy power surge, and our fitment tool will ensure you get the right components for your OEM mounts Make sure to also pick up high-quality wastegate vacuum hose that stands up the extreme conditions of forced induction engines, along with wastegate springs, adjustable mounting brackets, one-touch fittings and other accessories. MAP has been a leader in aftermarket performance for a decade and counting, and by offering great prices, fast same-day shipping and expert advice from fellow gearheads, we plan to stay that way. Call, email or use our live chat feature to get started today!