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Vortex Generators

Are you working to upgrade the aerodynamics of your project car? Vortex generators from Modern Automotive Performance will help you glide across the road with ease.

Every once in a while, a sci-fi geek excitedly asks us about our vortex generators, and we have to disappoint them. These are not futuristic arrays of alien technology. But with the right vortex generator, you’ll feel like your car could lift off into space.

Made by some of the industry’s most respected brands such as Rexpeed, Seibon and APR Performance, these vortex generators for sale feature lines of fins that help reduce drag on your vehicle. Most gearheads focus on making their engine so strong, as if trying to overpower forces of nature. But we’ve found that improving aerodynamics of Evo X, Subaru WRX, Honda Civic models and more helps those supercharged engines work more efficiently.

Our offerings include painted and unpainted versions, including a handful of jaw-dropping carbon fiber models that turn heads during showtime.

Our staff of grease monkeys has decades of collective experience hunting down any available edge for more power or efficiency, and they have found the differences provided by these simple panels startling. A single vortex generator offers an incredible bang for the buck by improving engine performance, steering and handling.

Contact us today. Tell us about your project car and your goals for it. Our mechanics will tell you about all the benefits that vortex generators can offer, and will answer all your questions about installation. Combined with our outstanding prices, excellent shipping rates and generous Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll have enough cash left over for your next upgrade. And our instant order packing will help your order fly out the door and to your place faster, so you can install your vortex generator and get back on the road as quickly as possible.