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Upper Mounts / Camber Plates

Unless you stick to straight tracks, or you like crashing into things, you will need to turn. And if you want to win races or beat times, you will need to turn well. Sorry if that sounds obvious, but we see a lot of drivers put all their focus on their intakes and exhaust, thinking more horsepower will singlehandedly push them to victory. But turning is just as critical — if your car’s suspension can’t handle turning well, you will lose precious seconds every time you see a curve in the road.

The ability to tune your turning can give you major advantages. A set of high-performance camber plates help you do that. Specifically, they give you power to slightly adjust the tilt of your tires, giving you more grip and handling in certain situations. At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve tested plenty of camber plates and found the ones we like best for the high demands of performance racing. Dinan, Whiteline, BLOX Racing, Cusco — those are the brands you’ll find on our shelves. Each have been machined and constructed for durability and strength for miles and miles of racing, and give you more options and flexibility over stock camber plates.

Are you wondering if replacing your stock camber plates is a good idea, worth your time and money? Contact us! Our staff of gearheads will help you work it out and, if it’s the best solution for your problem, point you toward the best option. We’ll prepare you for the installation and be available to answer your questions once you give them a spin. Combined with our top-notch discounts, great shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll save more money and earn funds toward your next project. We love helping drivers see their automotive dreams come true — with Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll quickly see your dream car come to life.