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Turbo Blankets

One of the proven laws of cars is that more power equals more heat. When it comes to modified turbochargers, that localized heat can have a devastating impact on the rest of the engine bay. Customers have reported melted paint, cracked hoses, warped heads and other side effects. Wrapping your turbocharger in a turbo blanket from Modern Automotive Performance will protect other components from damage by containing the excess heat. Concentrating the heat also improves performance by increasing the maximum pressure and flow rate of the turbo without letting the heat reach the intake path. Suffice to say people aren’t the only ones who benefit from a good blanket.

If you’re planning on upgrading your turbocharger, make sure you have the right blanket for it. We sell blankets for many different vehicles, so you can order an STI turbo heat blanket, Golf MK7 blanket, Civic thermal blankets and others that wrap around perfectly. Modern Automotive Performance also has blankets that fit certain aftermarket turbo systems and setups, such as our T3/T4 flange turbocharger blankets and universal flat internal wastegate turbo blankets. Each one is made of high-temperature mesh fabric materials that tolerate external temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The internal insulation is even more heat-resistant, holding in peak temps of more than 2,000 degrees that the most powerful turbochargers can generate.

We sell turbo blankets and heat shields from many leading brands. Product lines such as the DEI Titanium turbo blanket, PTP Lava turbo shield, Torque Solution Carbon thermal blanket and Perrin Subaru heat shield are tested in the garage and on the track. The outer layer also protects your turbocharger from oil, road grime and other gunk that can affect performance. Use our Choose Your Car search tool to see all compatible turbo blankets or send us an email with any questions. Then add your selection to a qualifying order to get fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states that won’t leave you heated.