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Don’t let a bad transfer case keep you off the road. Let Modern Automotive Performance get your transmission back in top shape with a transfer case from some of the industry’s best manufacturers. We are no ordinary transfer case shop: We offer parts and components that we’d install in our personal vehicles.

We’ve seen plenty of people who know their way around engines look at a transmission like it was a box full of magic. Our staff of gearheads has put in plenty of hours learning the ins and outs of transmissions, however. Like any other part of a vehicle, it can be upgraded for better performance.

The transfer case is what takes all that power from your high-performance engine and moves it to your axles through the driveshafts. It also synchronizes your wheels when the fronts rotate at a different speed than the rears. In some cases, it lets a driver toggle between a two-wheel and four-wheel drive. In the case of racing vehicles, a strong transfer case with quality components helps drivers exit curves more smoothly and quickly.

We spent a lot of time testing parts at Modern Automotive Performance. Since 2006, we’ve made it our mission to pass on what we’ve learned to our customers, and to not waste their time or money with substandard parts. Everything you see here is built to protect your investment.

Find out for yourself about our reputation for stellar customer service. Contact us and tell us about your project car, and we’ll answer every single question you have, no matter how nitpicky you think it is. We’ll be there for a successful installation, as well. With our outstanding prices, great shipping rates and generous Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll have plenty left over for your next big project.

We want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance. Whatever dreams you have for your project car, we’ll help you reach them.