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Transfer Case Components

When upgrading, repairing or servicing their vehicles, not many people think twice about the transfer case. They’re almost like the forgotten Baldwin brother of acting – everyone loves Alec, but the others get lost in the shuffle. But if you own a Mitsubishi Evo 8 or Subaru WRX, then you have a transfer case, and it’s an important part of your drivetrain. Like with any four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle, the Evo 8 transfer case controls which axles the transmission sends power to. Keeping this part in top shape will keep you feeling power from all four wheels, and our transfer case components are built to withstand the pounding of rally racing, off-roading and other extreme conditions.

If you’re looking for Evo transfer case gears upgrade material, you’ll find it with our Cusco 4.556 Final Gear and other parts. This close ratio ring and pinion gear set prevents your engine RPMs from dropping when shifting from first to second gear, keeping the revolutions in the most effective range. As such, your transfer case will be able to continue getting maximum power and torque to both the front and rear axles, giving you better acceleration – especially when exiting tight corners.

All the hard shifting and constant gear changes of racing heat up your drivetrain, making it more susceptible to failure. That’s we also offer cooling components such as the Mishimoto CVT Transmission Cooler. Working in conjunction with the stock cooler, this 19-row oil cooler consistently reduces transmission fluid temperatures by up to 20 degrees in high-stress conditions, and will even lower them during normal driving. Cooler operation means your transfer case will continue working optimally on any hill climb or hairpin, giving you constant drive when you need it most.

As the authority on turbocharged vehicles since 2006, we know every aspect of them from bumper to bumper. In other words, we don’t just love Alec – we love Daniel, William and Stephen as well. With our transfer case components and other sport compact parts, you’ll be the king of the circuit in no time flat. Get a great deal when your order from Modern Automotive Performance, plus free shipping on qualifying orders.