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Tow Hooks

Make sure your project car can be safely towed with a set of big tow hooks from Modern Automotive Performance.

Every racer knows that disasters happen. Maybe you bumped into something that knocked a few critical parts loose. Maybe there’s an issue that’s causing your engine to shut down. Or maybe you just want to be able to position your vehicle somewhere without firing up the engine.

These big tow hooks, front tow hooks and other hooks allow you to tow your vehicle safely. Because of the potential for damage, we won’t bother selling you something that can’t handle the work. That’s why you’ll see some of the industry’s most trusted brands here, such as Torque Solution, Cusco, Power Rev Racing and Beatrush. These hooks are made from premium materials such as billet aluminum, and when used properly, allow your car to be towed to safety.

Some of these tow hooks also pull double duty as mounts for Go Pros and other cameras. What better way to capture heroics on the track than with a camera close to the road? Be sure to check each product for proper use: Some of these tow hooks are not meant for inclined towing.

Contact us today and tell us about your project. Using all the things we’ve learned over the last decade plus (including a few things the hard way), we’ll tell you whether a set of these tow hooks will accomplish what you need. We’ll share some tips and tricks for the installation, as well. Pair that with our excellent prices, outstanding shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program — you’ll discover why we have such a stellar reputation for good customer service. It’s all part of our pit crew mentality: We want to be your personal pit crew, and help you make the key decisions that will help you reach your automotive goals.