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Throw Out Bearings

Manual transmissions are fascinating marvels of engineering. The way all those parts work together and give you a way to feel your car is almost magic. Many drivers wisely upgrade their clutches to handle the increased demands of performance engines and competitive driving. While the flywheels and pressure plates steal the spotlight, we know the star of the show is the throw out bearing.

These simple pieces, which rarely come in fancy fluorescent colors, are at the center of what’s going on in a clutch. They are responsible for pushing the pressure plate’s release fingers and moving toward the flywheel. It’s responsible for helping you feel your car’s engine instinctively, thus allowing you to excel at the track or simply enjoy your drive.

If a new clutch kit is in your future, don’t forget about the throw out bearing. At Modern Automotive Performance, we offer high-quality bearings made by some of the industry’s best, including ACT Clutch and Clutch Masters. We don’t offer every brand, only the brands we’d trust enough in our own personal vehicles.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve earned a reputation for some of the internet’s best customer service. We do this through making our staff of gearheads available to help you out with your questions (we never have a problem finding staff to answer questions, because we all love talking shop so much). Our prices are competitive, our shipping rates are fantastic, our warehouse workers start packing your order as soon as it’s placed and our Loyalty Rewards program helps you pocket extra cash for your next project. We make it our goal to help automotive dreams become reality, so if you have a new clutch in mind for your Evo, Subaru, Honda or other performance vehicle, let us help you reach your driving dreams.