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If you need to replace the throttle position sensor on your Honda or Acura, find the perfect replacement at Modern Automotive Performance.

We get this question a lot from Honda and Acura drivers: “What is a throttle position sensor?” But what they really mean to ask is: “Why did Honda put such a bad throttle position sensor on my B series?” And the next question: “Why does Honda sell those sensors only with a super-expensive throttle body?”

We have no answer for those questions. But we do have an alternative that prevents B series owners the hassle of hunting down a brand new sensor, and it’s incredibly affordable. Our line of throttle body sensors are manufactured by some of the most trusted names in the aftermarket industry, including Blox Racing. That way you can get a completely new sensor tested for durability and long life.

Some of these models use Hall effect technology instead of the OEM wiper-style design for improved accuracy and reliability with minimal contact. Other models encase the sensor in billet aluminum for additional protection from grime and vibrations.

We have a lot of options for Honda and Acura owners facing the challenge of replacing this tricky part. But it’s parts like this that helped Modern Automotive Performance get started. We cut our teeth hunting down superior parts at lower prices, so that we could improve small-engine performance vehicles. That led to our start in 2006, and now we’re on a mission to be your personal pit crew, helping you customize your project car and upgrade it to drive exactly how you want it to drive.

Contact us today: We’ve learned more than our fair share about Hondas and Acuras, and we’d be happy to share some of the secrets we’ve learned along the way. Let us help make your automotive dreams reality.