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Throttle Body Spacers

If you’re shopping for a throttle body spacer, then we can hang, and have a good time doing it. We’re like you, after all: We look at our cars like they are “Where’s Waldo” drawings, trying to find a spot where we can increase power and performance.

Cars with a racing throttle body have such a spot that can be maximized. A throttle body spacer attaches on the back of the body and helps increase the torque, horsepower and fuel economy that the throttle body controls.

We’ve tried out a bunch of them, and we’ve found that, like everything else, you get what you pay for. That’s why we stock our shelves with throttle body spacers from only the best manufacturers, such as Steeda Autosports, Torque Solution and Boomba Racing. These spacers are made from premium materials to offer solid, precise fitment with resistance to warping and wear from your engine’s extreme heat. We’re not going to sell anything that we wouldn’t install in our own cars, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product that will protect your automotive investment.

Any questions about a throttle body spacer kit and how it can help? Fire away: Our staff of gearheads loves talking shop with fellow performance enthusiasts. Tell us about how you want to drive, and we’ll tell you if a spacer is the right option for you.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we help automotive dreams become reality. We do this through stellar customer service, low prices, impressive shipping and instant order assembly. We also have a Loyalty Rewards program that helps put money aside for your next project.

A throttle body spacer packs a lot of power for the price: It’s an easy, inexpensive upgrade that can be installed in minutes. Find out the difference a throttle body spacer, and our customer service, can make for you.