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Throttle Bodies

The United Nations is filled with translators. All those ambassadors, delegates and other muckety-mucks are flapping their gums in long-winded speeches, and the only any sort of message gets communicated happens only because a translator is able to understand the languages of both the speaker and the listener. Without translators, the delegates wouldn’t be able to do delegate duties, whatever those are.

The throttle body in your car is the translator between your foot and the engine. It has a simple butterfly valve inside that opens according to how far you press the gas pedal. In electronically fuel-injected cars, it also communicates with your engine’s computer to properly supply fuel injectors. That means it’s one of the most important parts of your engine: Successful driving is not based on pedal-to-the-metal mentality, but more about finesse and feel of your engine. Your stock throttle body may not be able to handle the demands of performance driving.

We’ve worked with a variety of throttle bodies at Modern Automotive Performance, putting them to the test and seeing how well they perform. We don’t sell all the ones we’ve tested, only the ones that work reliably and powerfully. They are made by the industry’s best manufacturers, such as MIL SPEC, Blox Racing and GReddy, and can handle the specific needs and custom tunes of your car.

Contact us to find out more about how throttle bodies can help you drive the way you want to drive, whether you’re looking for more zip during a Saturday night cruise around town or better performance on race day at your nearby track. Our low prices, outstanding shipping and blazing-fast order filling will help you get back on the road more quickly, and our Loyalty Rewards program will give you some cash for your next upgrade.