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The MAP Team

Chris Carey

Founder -

I believe the real competitive advantage in any business is the people. At MAP we constantly strive to do two things:

1. Staff our pit crew with great people who embody our core passion and values.
2. Give them the freedom to be awesome.

This has resulted in an exceptional customer experience and what I believe to be the best team in the business. We look forward to helping make your automotive dreams become reality.


Kyle Nelson

Co-founder / Director of New Product Development

Nate Evans

Director of Manufacturing & Operations


Mark Handlos

Director of Finance & HR

Daelen Snow

Director of Business Development

Robert Cimperman

Integrator/Chief Operations Officer


Aaron Johnson

Customer Service Manager

📧 Email Aaron

📞 Ext #0109

Chris Fristed

Customer Service Team Lead

📧 Email Chris

📞 Ext #0118

Andrew Kojetin

Senior Technical Support

📧 Email Andrew

📞 Ext #0079


Devin Luckman

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Devin

📞 Ext #0099

Jacob Vang

Reviews Specialist Lead

📧 Email Jacob

📞 Ext #0110

Christian Seiler

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Christian

📞 Ext #0071

Kevin Manapil

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Kevin

📞 Ext #0010

Michael Ouano

Customer Support Specialist

📧 Email Michael

📞 Ext #0072

Nerhez Costelo

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Nerhez

📞 Ext #0098

Michelle Quijano

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Michelle

📞 Ext #0077

Dianne Ramoneda

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Dianne

📞 Ext #0086

John Sanchez

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email John

📞 Ext #0097

Chase Wahl

Marketplace Support

📧 Email Chase

📞 Ext #0092

Shawn Macaso

Marketplace Support Specialist

📧 Email Shawn

📞 Ext #0012

Tony Roubal

Kyle Shellum

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Kyle

📞 Ext #0055

Alex Mouser

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Alex

📞 Ext #0066

Connor Root

Carlos Aguilar

Blake Hummelgard

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Blake

📞 Ext #0084

Noah Aronson

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Noah

📞 Ext #0091

Will Hank

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Will

📞 Ext #0112

Katrina Kiamco

Zuriel Paul Naboya

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Paul

📞 Ext #0051

Kyle Anthony

Sales Specialist

📧 Email Kyle

📞 Ext #

Zach Murphy

Wholesale Sales Specialist

📧 Email Zach

📞 Ext #0075

Camille Sandalo

Jr Wholesale Associate

📧 Email Camille

📞 Ext #0088


Alex Wolner

Engine Machining Manager

Aric Schnase

Engine Machinist / Performance Tech

Seth Samson

Engine Machinist

Brandon Hildebrand

Engine Machinist

Ryan Holmes

Engine Department Assistant

Daniel Saxton

CNC Operator

Jim Thompson

Fabrication Manager

Jose Ascencio

Floor Manager Fabrication

Dawson Grinager


Matt Corniea


Blake Goodmanson


Sam Smith


Joel Lofquist


Brett Kimber


Joseph O'Masta


Jake Derauf


Connor Igoe


Zachary Meyer


Drew DeVaan


Nam Nguyen

Mandrel Bender Operator/Team Lead

Cayden Erskine

Kitting Team Member

Andrew Heinze

Material Handler/Operator

Joey Lofquist

Material Handler/Operator

Michael Amundson

Production Manager

Bryan Hayes

Manufacturing Workflow Specialist


John Blocker

eCommerce Manager

📧 Email John

James Cirkl

Front-End Web Developer

📧 Email James

Joel Lange

eCommerce Merchandising Specialist

📧 Email Joel

Austen Wageman

eCommerce Copywriter

📧 Email Austen

Matt Rogers

Data Specialist

📧 Email Matt

Kyle Rodriguez

Data Specialist

📧 Email Kyle

Nino Quindao

Data Specialist

📧 Email Nino

Adam Runnoe

Marketing Specialist

📧 Email Adam

Kaan Avci

Customer Service Specialist

📧 Email Kaan

📞 Ext #0080

Charles Mayne

Social Media & Creative Team Manager

📧 Email Charles

Tyler Mumm

Media Specialist

📧 Email Tyler

Xavier Miller

Social Media Specialist

📧 Email Xavier

Dylan Neinas

Graphic Design Specialist

📧 Email Dylan


James Anderson

Logistics Manager

📧 Email James

Joe Hedin

Returns Lead

Michael Allen

Logistics Lead

Stevie Thompson

Logistics Specialist

Anthony Vongkham

Logistics Specialist

Koo Lor

Logistics Specialist

Dante Yang

Logistics Specialist

Austin Adams

Logistics Specialist

Geena Hanson

Logistics Specialist

Vang Yang

Logistics Specialist

Dan Hamdorf

Channel Manager

📧 Email Dan

Mason Nobello

Fulfillment Manager

📧 Email Mason

📞 Ext #0102

Mitchell Bjurquist

Senior Operations Specialist

📧 Email Mitchell

📞 Ext #0115

Yanny Cha

Order Processing Coordinator

📧 Email Yanny

Brett Gliniary

Purchasing Assistant

📧 Email Brett

Christelle Zeta

Operations Support Specialist

📧 Email Christelle

Nicole Gonzalez

Purchase Order Clerk

📧 Email Nicole

Daniel Caray

Fulfillment Specialist

📧 Email Daniel

Eljie Trocio

Fulliment Specialist

Matt Ulrich

Business Integration Manager

📧 Email Matt

Richard Vang

Business Systems Specialist

Nathan Wohnoutka

Data Entry Specialist

Matthew Karel

Junior Business Analyst

Paul Fisher

Senior Analyst, Inventory and Demand Planning

Rezal Scharfe

Operations Support Lead

📧 Email Rezal

Cody Bovee

Information Technology Lead


Kayla Henderson

Accounts Payable

📧 Email Kayla

Kiah Benike

Accounting Clerk

📧 Email Kiah

Jennifer Lindner

Staff Accountant

📧 Email Jennifer

Mike Carey

Reconciliation Specialist

📧 Email Mike

Tonee Torralba

Reconciliation Specialist

📧 Email Tonee

Paige Flaten

Human Resources Manager

📧 Email Paige

Lacey Lohr

Human Resources Generalist

📧 Email Lacey


Kyle Larkin

Business Development Tech

Derek Peterson


Max Odegaard

Research and Development

Alex Nelson

Senior Design Engineer

Zachary Naumann

New Product Development Coordinator


Kevin Boeselager

Brand Manager


Adam Neujahr

Brand Development Manager

Chad Miedel

Vendor Relations Coordinator

Azaan Salyani

Vendor Relations Coordinator