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Every component in your performance vehicle serves an important purpose. While a new tensioner won’t directly add any horsepower to your engine, it will ensure that all the precision parts move like clockwork, perfectly and orderly.

A lot of tensioners in vehicles are stock parts, and stock parts usually give out after a while. That’s especially true for performance vehicles: Everything we do ends up creating power and handling demands that most stock parts just can’t handle. So if you’re working on a system that uses belts or chains under tension, an upgrade will save you a lot of headache down the road.

The timing belt is a critical component in your engine. If you’re getting a high-quality replacement timing belt, protect your investment with a new tensioner that will keep that belt as accurate as an atomic clock.

Our collection of tensioners and other timing components includes some of the industry’s most-respected names, such as Katech Performance, Perrin Performance, BLE Products and Gates Performance, as well as OEM parts from Subaru and Mitsubishi. In some cases, we’ve even manufactured our own Modern Automotive Performance parts. All of these are brands we trust enough to install in our own personal vehicles.

Whether you need a full timing belt component kit for a Subaru, or just a replacement tensioner, you’ll find exactly what you need right here.

Chances are you have plenty of questions, and we’re ready to answer every one of them. Our staff of gearheads loves talking about car parts, and they’ll pass on tips and tricks they’ve learned from decades of collective experience working on performance engines. That advice is part of our stellar reputation for excellent customer service, which also includes fantastic prices, instant order packing, great shipping rates and generous Loyalty Rewards program. We want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance: Let us help turn your automotive dreams into reality.