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New cars are ruined for racers and high-performance drivers. While a layman might look at a new car on the lot and think it’s a glittering jewel of automotive perfection, drivers like us know better: That showroom beauty is loaded down with stock parts that at best limit its performance, and at worst are far from quality.

We’ve seen that happen with stock tension rods, which may work just fine for normal driving, but a few drifts can push them past their limit and lead to expensive failure. Tension rods are a critical part for steering and suspension, and if you have aspirations of driving your car in a high-performance environment, you’ll want to consider upgrading them.

At Modern Automotive Performance, our gearheads have decades of collective experience with parts such as tension rods. We’ve weeded out the wannabes and stocked winners on our shelves — we have no intentions of wasting your valuable time or hard-earned money on products we wouldn’t use in our own projects. So contact us — tell us about your project and your plans for it. Not only do we love talking with other drivers (we could talk shop all day if the boss would let us), but we also love helping them find the best parts to help meet their goals. And we don’t stop there — we help out after you order by answering your installation or performance questions.

That’s just one way we want to be your personal pit crew. We also offer impressive discounts and great shipping rates that keep more money in your wallet. Our warehouse gets to work as soon as you order, so you can get to work on your time, not ours. And our Loyalty Rewards program gives you a few bucks toward your next project.