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Spark Plug Wires

You can’t have a Q without a U. You shouldn’t take a shot of tequila without lime and salt. It’s hard to have a burger without French fries. That’s how it is with spark plug wires — if you’re going to get plugs, you might as well get the wires.

We’ve tested a lot of wires at Modern Automotive Performance, and found the ones we like best for reliable starts, turn after turn. Designed with wiring and internals that ensure a strong power draw, these wires will help each start be as strong as possible, so that you can stave off engine wear.

When you order with Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll get outstanding shipping rates, and we’ll start packing your order as soon as it comes in. That way, you can get to work swapping out plugs and wires more quickly, and get back out on the road. Whether you just want to enjoy your vehicle on the road a bit more, or drive to success on the track, we’ll help you reach your automotive goals.