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Sensors & Wiring

Advances in automotive performance technology bring the need for information and processes to be automatically managed – otherwise, modern cars would require a tune-up practically every other day. We know you don’t have that kind of free time (unless you’re a billionaire – which we’re not), so we carry sensors, wiring and accessories designed for the rigors of high-performance driving. With premium components that regulate and adjust your car’s internal systems, you can focus on the open road knowing the right 0’s and 1’s are being sent along the line.

Almost anything in your car that involves liquids or pressures needs a sensor in order to get the levels right, and our sensors ensure that your car will always be in balance – and that you’ll know quickly when it isn’t. Use AEM wideband oxygen sensors to help your engine management computer regulate the air/fuel mixture and limit emissions; track air inlet temperature with sensors from Precision Turbo; or add an Omni Power MAP sensor to adjust manifold pressure. You can also switch to the Speed Density system for calculating airflow requirements with an STM Speed Density Sensor Kit.

Once information is picked up and tracked, it needs to be sent to the right places. We have cables, link boxes and relays for everything from LED lights to fuel pumps, so what’s happening on the inside always shows up on the outside. Add a wiring harness or extension cable to give yourself more installation options, or plug in an ambient temperature sensor and cable so you know how warm or cold it is outside. And if you don’t have an OBDII connection, you can plug in a handheld engine monitor by using a 12-volt power supply starter kit.

From ethanol fuel sensor kits to fuse box covers, we have the components to manage and monitor all aspects of your vehicle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your options, contact our expert mechanics by phone or email for assistance. (We felt that way once as well, so we know where you’re coming from.) With our competitive prices and same-day shipping, you’ll never be at a standstill.