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Roll Cages

Add extra protection to your performance vehicle with a strong, sturdy roll cage from Modern Automotive Performance.

We are all racers at heart at Modern Automotive Performance. We love driving as fast as possible in a machine we’ve upgraded with our own hands. While most races end with a slow deceleration, sometimes they end with a sudden impact. If that happens, it can mean your last race, and your last breath.

If you plan on competing in racing events, your vehicle needs as much protection as you can get away with, so that you can live to race another day. A roll cage gives your interior a pocket of protection from getting crushed in a collision.

We don’t mess around when it comes to product quality — we don’t waste our customers’ time by selling products we wouldn’t use in our own vehicles. That’s why we offer roll cages, connectors and other protective setups from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, such as Beatrush, Agency Power and Cusco. These feature premium materials and superior welding for maximum stability and rigidity from impacts. They are made to bolt on securely inside whatever you drive, whether it’s a Mitsubishi Evo, Ford Focus, Subaru WRX or VW Golf MK7.

Contact us today and tell us what you drive. We’ll tell you everything we know about roll cages and how they work — and because we’ve been in the business since 2006, that’s a lot. From installation to expectations, we’ll answer all of your questions. It’s part of our reputation for excellent customer service: We want to be your personal pit crew, and that means making sure you can escape from collisions.

You’ll also appreciate our competitive prices, outstanding shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program. We don’t wait on shipping your order, either: We start packing it as soon as you place it.