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Great Product

made a huge difference right away. Expect alot of vibrations at first but it slowly goes away after a few hundred miles. 1 of my top mods forsure !

So if this isn't available you guys should take it off your inventory and that way it's not in your guys to sing for people to sit here and wait for a product that isn't thereSo if this isn't available you guys should take it off your inventory and that way it's not in your guys to sing for people to sit here and wait for a product that isn't there

Worth buying

Just installed the tube on my 10th gen Si. The difference is amazing. Highly recommend

Worth the $$

Added the tune to my 10th gen Si. What a huge difference. Highly recommend

Great product

Ordered this Cold Air Intake last Tuesday it arrived within 2 days( live in Alberta Canada). Super easy install and sounds amazing. Paired it with the KTuner V1.2. Woke the car up. Also have the MAPerformance Race Exhaust which is being installed tomorrow which can't wait to do. Went with the MAPerformance CAI over the other brands because to use the PRL Cobra CAI I would have to relocate the windshield washer fluid reservoir. Why Honda has two different locations for American and Canadian Civics makes zero sense. Install took 20 minutes. Highly recommend.

great bearing

get those extra oil clearances to never starve the motor of oil


I want to start by saying MAP has at the very least given me a $20 credit for the shipping delays so I have full faith in the company. The hood arrived almost a month later, maybe more, the process is handled by a 3rd party company and lets just say they are absolutely god awful. MAP can't really do much w/ the shippers as its "out of their hands". The process grew tiring as I missed half a day of work to be home for signing on the delivery, guy cancels on me last second. The Hood arrived with the box absolutely manhandled, torn up and flat out scary looking. I advised the shipper that I shouldn't have to sign until we are able to open the hood however, they stated once I open the box its essentially not their problem. I have half opened the box, looks like some of the clear edges are peeled / chipped. Not sure if its the shippers fault or what but not ideal for a 1200 dollar plus hood. I haven't fully opened it but I do have photos to back my statements.

Hks blow off valve

I love this product I was a little skeptical at first on putting it on my 10 gen civic si But ever since I done it I don’t regret it I love the sound classic HKS sound and so far nothing bad has happened to my car.

Tial Wastegate

Was have issues with my last wastegate, decided to pick up a new Tial. Shipping was quick and Tial works as expected. I was able to dial in my boost levels with the included spring kit.

I can feel it in my chest

This exhaust completely transforms the driving experience (especially come from stock). Amazing sound and build quality. Loud but not insanely loud.

10th gen si spark plugs

It’s great to know that map performance has almost anything my cars need to help keep it up to maintenance. I’m glad I can get these spark plugs here become these are some of the best spark plugs to use in my opinion for my si.

10th gen si clutch

I must give a big shout out to map performance for helping me choose this clutch. Since the ACT clutches were on back order for a while they were able to suggest this clutch as a another great option. After about a few thousand miles I absolutely love it! I have a full stage bolt on 10th gen si and when I put this bad boy in there it was able to even pull more power from the car. If anything the break in period may have been a little harsh with the clutch petal being heavy but after a few weeks it got a lot better. Though I would not say it feel exactly like a stock clutch it definitely is doable and in my opinion much preferable. It grabs really good and has really increase the rate of my RPM’s. Overall a great stage 2 clutch for the 10th gen si. Regardless I think I will always want a stage 2 clutch just like this.

Does exactly what it’s supposed too nice fit.

Nice cheap part that fits perfectly. Was impressed how it was made. Protects the valve cover perfectly

Great shirt!

Solid design and a great fit! Highly recommend!!

Just as described

Have not had a chance to install yet but it arrived quicker than expected. Will be going in once new clutch is installed for sure

Great Axle-Back

I went with a non resonated axle back with the burn tip look and I love it. Its not loud at all as I thought it would be but loud enough to enjoy, my car is basically stock exhaust with now MAP axle back. I highly recommend this as a first modification for your car.

These never disappoint!

We have multiple Maperformance torque plates here at GspMachining. We will continue to buy more as they design for more engines.


Stylish, strong, great upgrade and overall amazing product

Super fast shipping ! Was a breeze to replace the original coupler from my MAP charge pipe , still the best ever , replaced due to my mistake I damaged the original Installing carbon Intake cover …
Thank You Map for always coming through .

Excellent product

Lightweight and high quality lug nuts. I ordered the black lugs and they accent my white wheels perfectly. Really nice to have a lock nut as well, a little sense of security goes a long way.


i promise you if you total your car this beam will be intact. its massive and will for sure protect the intercooler

Best exhaust for a catless DP.

Just got this installed today, had stock exhaust with a muffler delete and catless Downpipe. It was loud and obnoxious. This is night and day difference in sound/tone. If you need an exhaust to enjoy after going catless, this is it. Couldn't find any Si videos with catless and the touring variant, glad I picked this one.

Great build quality

I switched from a nameless muffler delete to this, and the quality of this catback is great. It is a little loud at WOT, and cold starts. Definitely a noticeable difference in throttle response as well. Will definitely recommend. Attached is a video of the sound. Mods done to my car is a grimmspeed catted Downpipe, Cobb intake,aem 340 pump, id1050x injectors.