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Radiator Fans

When you’re behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle, you want to be able to put the throttle down. But there will be times that you need to slow up or stop altogether — and you don’t want the engine to overheat when you do. Radiator fans help pull outside air through the radiator and across the car’s engine, keeping both cool to improve horsepower and torque. They’re absolutely vital for forcing air through the grille when you have to slow down for a caution flag or red light, and they keep temperatures down when you’re at full throttle, too. Besides, you wouldn’t want to let the engine to blow sky-high because your fan wasn’t blowing enough air.

Shop at Modern Automotive Performance for durable, efficient mechanical or electric fans that will keep a good breeze under the hood. We stock universal radiator fans, OEM radiator fans and performance radiator fans for all the most widely-driven sport compacts and muscle cars. A single radiator fan will provide a significant cooling boost. If you need even more airflow to drive away excess heat, a dual aluminum fan shroud kit is a slim, lightweight way to mount multiple fans. Straight blade, S-blade and inclined blade options are available in different blade counts to provide just the right amount of air flow. We also have colorful red and blue fans if you’re looking for something other than traditional black.

Get the best prices on radiator fans from Mishimoto, STM, BLOX Racing and Flex-A-Life that are designed for maximum performance and longevity. Our staff is full of car experts who will help you find the fan that works best for your car instead of the one that makes us the most money. We will also set you up with radiator fan mounting kits, fan switches and other hardware that costs just a few dollars and saves countless installation headaches. Add a new fan to your vehicle so you’ll never feel heated about a slowdown.