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Power Packages

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve spent collective decades working on cars and figuring out how to get them to go faster. Back in the old days, mechanics couldn’t get very specific about upgrades: They were limited to “Tighten that” or “loosen that.” Thanks to advances in engine control units and engine management systems, the ability to make precise adjustments for power has never been easier. We can now share very specific things we’ve learned over the years to give your vehicle better performance.

We’ve earned a stellar reputation for putting together quality kits that give drivers everything they need for power. These power packages combine the finest engine management systems, quality parts and custom tunes developed by us to help you realize the most power possible from your car.

We enjoy helping automotive dreams become reality at Modern Automotive Performance. Whether you want to enjoy the power of your daily driver more, or you want to conquer the competition at the track, we can help you get all the power possible from your vehicle.