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Phone Mounts

If you use your smartphone for monitoring anything while driving, a phone mount from Modern Automotive Performance will keep your device visible and securely displayed.

Smartphones have become indispensable supercomputers these days. One good device can replace so many other electronic gadgets that, a decade ago, we thought were indispensable. No need for a separate GPS now. Forget about a stereo. There are even speedometer apps available that do a fantastic job.

The point is that more and more drivers have a need for displaying their smartphone screens because they are tracking critical information. Your screen is quickly becoming as important as your fuel gauge and tachometer.

Our collection of phone mounts will ensure that your device is perfectly positioned for visibility, and securely fastened for stability. Made with premium materials, they feature a variety of ways to be attached to your dashboard or windshield, ensuring that your screen can easily be spotted while you keep your eyes on the road.

Scosche’s MagicMount Pro system is particularly impressive. The innovative magnetic mounting system firmly grabs your phone, letting you move it to any angle. Scosche offers a variety of ways to mount the display, from vents to windshields. And we’ve seen some drivers use the MagicMount Pro system for their Cobb Tuning Accessport devices, too.

Contact us today and tell us about what you drive, and how you use your smartphone. We’ll pair you with a display device that will let you continue to use that device safely while driving. We’ll also tell you a few of our favorite apps for the road.

With Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll always have a personal pit crew handy. We have a reputation for stellar customer service based on our great prices, outstanding shipping rates, instantly packed orders and generous Loyalty Rewards program. Let us help you make your automotive dreams reality.