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We understand that there are traditionalists who will never shift away from using a stick on their manual transmission. We get it: There’s nothing quite like the feel of putting your car in gear with the right arm.

Advanced courses require much better control over steering. Paddle shifters put control over your transmission on your steering wheel, letting you switch gears while your hands stay at 10 and 2. But sometimes, the stock paddles are stubby and hard to operate during a turn. These paddle shifter extensions solve that problem. Made in many cases to extend your shifters’ wingspan by an inch or so, they also add a bit of leverage for more sensitive shifting. And, as you can see from the pictures, they look amazing.

Contact us today, and we’ll tell you if these paddle shifter extensions are right for you. At Modern Automotive Performance, we make it our mission to transform automotive dreams into reality. Find out for yourself if easier, smoother shifting at the wheel is a dream you should start having.