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Oils, Fluids & Lubricants

Usually when we joke about engines being thirsty, we’re talking about fuel. The reality, however, is that your engine is a bird’s nest of hungry babies, and each chick is a picky eater. Welcome to vehicle parenthood, Mama Bird.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we know about your vehicle’s fluid needs, so we carry a wide variety of oils, fluids and lubricants for every system you have. Our stock includes critical must-haves, such as brake fluid and power steering fluid, and a few performance boosters that we’ve mixed ourselves, including a transmission fluid cocktail made to handle the unique standards of your Evo.

We’ve tested a lot of fluids and oils at Modern Automotive Performance, and sell only the ones we trust in our own vehicles. We pack on healthy discounts, throw in outstanding shipping rates and toss some cash into your Loyalty Rewards account. Contact us and tell us about your needs for automotive fluids and lubricants. We’re great at giving reliable recommendations.