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Oiling System Components

“Side effects” has become a dirty phrase in the minds of many – thanks in no small part to the seemingly endless pharmaceutical ads on television. But when you take care of your car’s oiling system, the side effects are nothing but positive. The reduced friction that comes with a properly lubricated engine means more power, better efficiency and less wear. Not to mention that no one wants to hear the sound of metal on metal any more than they want to about the latest “male performance” pill.

At MAP, we’re more concerned with automotive performance anyway, which is why we have a wide selection of oiling system components to keep your engine humming. As a turbocharged performance specialist, our Mitsubishi Evo parts and accessories will give your engine the performance and durability it needs. In addition to OEM replacement oil pumps and oil pans, we also offer in-house upgrades for those who need an extra edge. Our aluminum high capacity oil pan allows you to add additional oil and is essential for turbocharged vehicles. And racers who need to stay cool on the track will love the MAP oil cooler kit with everything needed for installation.

But we do more than just 4G63 parts, which is why any serious enthusiast needs to check out our inventory. Find oil feed lines and pickups for your turbo charger, oil catch cans for collecting oil mist, gaskets for keeping your system sealed and in-line oil thermostats to regulate temperatures. And of course we have quality oil filters and filter housings to help clear out sludge and debris. With premium components from trusted brands such as Mishimoto, Kozmic, STM, Cusco and GrimmSpeed, you’ll know you’re placing your oiling system in the right hands.

MAP sweats the small stuff as well, and we have oil drain plugs, dipsticks, bolt kits and other hardware, along with tools and accessories such as an oil catch tray. Our expert techs are available by phone or email to assist you with questions – about cars, that is, not pharmaceuticals – and you get free shipping on qualifying orders to go with our great prices. Now THOSE are some good side effects.