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Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers are used in high performance vehicles to cool hot engine oil. Hot motor oil can lose many protective properties that help keep your engine running properly.Engine oil coolers help keep the oil temperature low, resulting in increased protection.

Do I Need an Oil Cooler?

Not all vehicles come with an oil cooler from the factory, so aftermarket oil coolers are a very common aftermarket item. If you're turbocharged or supercharged, it's a good idea to consider an oil cooler upgrade and give yourself a little peace of mind in the process.

What Oil Cooler is Best for my Car?

Typically, the larger the cooler, the better. However, large oil coolers take up space and require more engine oil inside the lubrication system. This can be inefficient at times, and expensive to operate. Properly designed coolers are small and efficient enough to cool the engine and fit neatly in small, high air flow areas.