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O2 Housings & Turbo Outlets

The benefits of a turbo system are obvious. But with that boost of power comes new problems that need to be handled. Boost creep, for instance, is a particular nasty gremlin that can suck away power over time.

When looking for options, performance drivers turn to O2 housings for a number of reasons — they ensure excess air can get drained, help stave off boost creep and add a great sound to the engine. But not all housings are created equally. Our gearheads have decades of experience, and they’ve spent plenty of time cleaning up the damage caused by substandard, shoddy parts made from cheap materials.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we believe wholeheartedly in quality parts, so we make sure our shelves are stocked with solid options from reputable manufacturers such as ATP Turbo, Tomei, Invidia, and more. We feel so strongly about exhaust quality that we also make our own parts. Our in-house fabrication team has spent a lot of time crafting components from 304 stainless steel for advanced durability and corrosion resistance. We make sure that every curve and twist is Mandrel bent in order to ensure smooth airflow.

You’ll find housings with wastegates configured for recirculation, giving extra boost control and keeping creep at bay without extra noise, or external for the best boost and creep control. And in some cases, you can add an advanced ceramic coating for extra protection from high temperatures in the engine bay.

There are several different configurations and options you can use to get the most out of your turbo. We’re happy to help — we have a reputation for outstanding customer service provided by our staff of knowledgeable knuckle busters and motorheads (we don’t hire gravy lappers). We’ll help you determine the best configuration, and get to work crafting your part specifically for your vehicle.