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Mud Flaps

What is the purpose of mud flaps?

Mudflaps are devices that attach to the bottom of a vehicle and help intercept mud, rocks, water, or any other debris from splashing onto the body and windows. They're typically made out of rubber and metal mesh that covers the wheel well opening. A good set of mud flaps can be found on many different types of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, RVs; even cars sometimes have them!

How do mud flaps work?

​​There are two main kinds of tire mud flaps - those that attach directly to the wheel well area (wheel well flaps) and those that fit over the top lip of the tire area (tire mud flap). 

  • Wheel well mud flaps provide some protection as long as there is ample space between them and the road surface. Wheel well mud flaps provide some protection as long as there is ample space between them and the road surface. However,  they are not enough to keep the tire itself from being damaged. 
  • Tire mud flaps are impact resistant and cover a significantly larger portion of your tire tread surface, thus providing more protection for it and better traction in wet conditions as well!

Are mud flaps worth it?

Mud flaps are a great way to prevent damage from mud and debris thrown up by the rear wheels. In addition to better protection, they can help reduce undercarriage rusting which is most likely to occur on vehicles with few or no fenders. Mudflaps not only protect your vehicle but can also keep your tires clean for better traction and gas mileage! The best custom mud flaps and mud guards are durable, strong and made from high-strength rubber with stainless steel plating. Flaps like the WeatherTech Mud Flaps and OE replacement mud flaps provide the perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles. 

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