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Motor Mounts

So at the end of your last vehicle inspection, your mechanic casually mentioned that your motor mounts are look creaky. But what are motor mounts for a car, anyway? Simply put, this component is what secures your vehicle’s engine to the chassis, keeping it stable when you’re on the road or track. Broken and excessively worn motor mounts will cause the engine to vibrate or move around in the bay, leading to chattering teeth, unpredictable handling and even lost power. At Modern Performance, we offer motor mounts built to absorb the forces of high-performance driving, because when you’re behind the wheel, the only thing you want rattled is the competition.

MAP has a great assortment of engine mounts for vehicles of all stripes. We are a leader in DSM performance parts, and our Mitsubishi Evo X engine support includes Torque Solution engine mounts machined from high grade billet aluminum and polyurethane for unmatched reliability, along with Weapon*R engine torque dampers to reduce stress as you’re going through the gears. Tomioka Racing Subaru WRX motor mounts feature a two-piece steel shell design and bushing designed for constant acceleration and deceleration, and we have a mount set available that includes transmission mounts. Find motor mounts for a 2015 Ford Mustang, 2008 Mazdaspeed 3, 2003 Dodge Neon and any other vehicle. You can even get Boomba mounts for a ‘92 Honda Civic.

If our vehicle-specific options aren’t an exact fit, a Prothane universal motor mount kit is a great solution, reducing wheel hop and knocking on any front-wheel or all-wheel drive car. We offer specialty engine supports as well, including rear engine motor mounts, a mud motor mount for rally racing and engine mount heat shield kits to protect them from wear and tear. Mitsubishi owners should also remember to pick up spare nuts and bolts for installation. Quickly find the right mounts for your vehicle by using our fitment tool or contacting our expert mechanics, and never worry about the shakes when you take off down the quarter-mile.