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Motor Mounts & Transmission Mounts

What are the symptoms of a bad motor mount?

One of the more common warning signs that engine mounts may need to be swapped out is the motor's vibrations have increased while driving or idling. If you notice after starting your vehicle it’s making more noise than usual and can feel even stronger shakes, this could mean a worn motor mount needs replacing soon as a common reason, despite your engine's best efforts.

Can you replace engine mounts yourself?

You most certainly can replace engine/motor mounts yourself, though it may take a bit of know-how or watching tutorials online.

Due to the dynamic loads of the motor, it’s important that you know the function of your car and check the instructions for replacing a motor mount before starting any work on your vehicle. Depending on how old it is and what model/year of car you have, there may be some different steps for each system of motor mounts to replace these parts. The process varies, as not all vehicles use the same replacement procedure when repairing them at home with your own tools.

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