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MAP Sensors

What is a MAP sensor and what does it do?

A manifold absolute pressure sensor, or MAP sensor for short, provides an instant pressure reading to help your engine control perfect air flow and combustion. No fuss – just precise calculations to automatically keep track of your engine’s efficiency.

The basic principle behind the MAP sensor is that air (typically) gets denser when it warms up, or when pressure rises. The engine management system can take air density into account and readjust the air/fuel mixture in order to produce efficient combustion. When MAP sensors are installed correctly, they send a constant stream of data back to the ECU (engine control unit) so it knows exactly what the manifold pressure is at all times for optimal air-fuel ratio.

MAPerformance MAP Sensors Enhance Your Car’s Performance and Fuel Efficiency

MAPerformance has MAP sensors in stock that do a lot more than just give you information on manifold pressure. Our MAP sensors also compensate for changes in elevation, which gives you better performance when going uphill and better economy when going downhill, or just cruising at a constant speed. You can customize your MAP sensor to have it work with the weather conditions as well.

We’ve got your engines covered, so you know your engine control module will always be optimized for any automotive lifestyle and need.

MAP Sensor Installation

MAPerformance MAP sensors are easy to install. They fit most modern engine types and modern vehicles with no modification to the ECU or other electrical component. With our MAP sensors, you get “plug and play” installation, which means you won’t have to deal with lengthy installations, custom wiring harnesses, or any messy splicing.