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Mandrel Bent Exhaust Pipes

Proper air flow is critical for a performance exhaust system — the spent air needs to be expunged as quickly as possible to make room for fresh air. Any bad bend will dam up that air flow, and that will damn any effort you put into upgrading your vehicle. That’s why the best exhaust piping is mandrel bent.

You can see the difference for yourself during your next visit to a fast food restaurant. Grab an extra straw, and observe that perfect cylindrical shape. That’s what gases and liquids crave in order to flow smoothly. Now bend that straw smack in the middle, and watch as your perfect cylinder gets pinched and extended into two sharp corners. Nothing is flowing through that bend.

Other bending methods create similar wrinkles and pockets. Those, in turn, create little eddies and vortexes that impede the proper flow of exhaust. We’ve spent hours upon hours testing out performance tunes and upgraded exhaust systems. We’ve seen the damage that improperly or badly bent pipes can do to custom tunes, and we have the diagnostic readouts to prove it. In our book, there’s no substitute for proper mandrel bending, and that’s why we stock our shelves with exhaust parts that have mandrel bends from manufacturers such as Squirrelly and Vibrant Performance.

Custom exhaust systems sometimes create challenging situations, in terms of getting parts to fit. We understand the temptation to turn to “redneck engineering,” but we assure you there is no substitute for quality pipes that are bent properly. An investment into mandrel-bent exhaust pipes will pay for itself. But we’ll make that easier with the slew of discounts you’ll find on our products and our outstanding shipping options. Give us a call or send us an email: Our staff is happy to share more about how better pipes will make you happier on the track.