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Lowering Springs – Performance Upgrade

The inch gets disrespected as a unit of measurement. We hear the word get thrown around when someone’s making fun of something diminutive or modest. Not us — we respect the inch. We’ve seen firsthand how lowering a performance vehicle by a single inch can make an amazing difference in driving quality.

Never mind the sportier, leaner look of a lowered vehicle. Knocking off a few inches lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity for better handling and stability, and less roll on corners. You’ll effectively glue yourself to the road. Every inch makes a difference in a race.

A good set of lowering springs is an easy, inexpensive way to learn the benefits of low-riding. In many cases, installation involves a simple swap with the stock or OEM parts. Most of these lowering springs will also leave you perfectly prepared for the dips and bumps in normal roads.

At, we’ve tested myriad brands and offer only the best options for your Acura, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda or whatever you drive. Made by manufacturers such as Hotchkis, Magnaflow, Eibach and Cobb Tuning, these springs are made from high-quality materials using advanced winding and tension techniques, and are coated in performance finishes for long life. You’ll also find swaybars and other accessories to enhance your new lower look at life.

We love introducing performance enthusiasts to this simple upgrade, and watching their eyes light up after feeling the difference for themselves. Find out for yourself: Our staff members love to talk about the difference lowering springs can make, and can explain the tradeoffs you’ll make with a lower profile. You’ll find the best springs on the market at unbeatable prices, and our shipping discounts will help you stretch your upgrade dollar. Our warehouse staff will spring into action and ship in-stock orders on the same day you click “checkout.”