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Limited Slip Differentials

With so much focus on performance and horsepower, a lot of drivers keep their eyes on what’s in the engine bay, and completely forget what ultimately helps their car roll forward.

Not us. At Modern Automotive Performance, our mechanics have decades of collective experience pouring over every part of a car, looking for an edge that will pay off on race day. And a lot of drivers just don’t think about wheels. Unless you’re on a drag strip, races are won on curves, not straightaways. If your car can handle turns better, you’ll find yourself in possession of more trophies and bragging rights.

In a nutshell: The differentials allow your wheels to spin independently of each other. On a curve, the outer wheels are spinning faster than the inner wheels, and good differentials help you handle those curves with more sensitivity and grip.

Make sure your wheels can handle those turns with performance differentials from Modern Automotive Performance. We don’t offer the largest selection of products, just the best, such as Kaaz, Tomei and Cusco (if we don’t trust it in our car, we’re not going to sell it for your car). There are some amazing advances in engineering inside these differentials, and whether you drive a Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford or Nissan, you’re going to love the difference they make.

Stock options just aren’t built to handle the kind of driving we like to do. Whether you’re looking for something to give you an edge on race day, or something to help you enjoy the curvy back roads in your area on a Sunday drive, you’ll find excellent options here.

We offer outstanding prices, excellent shipping and a Loyalty Rewards program that gives you cash for your next project. Our customer service will help you before purchase and during installation, and our warehouse will get to work as soon as you place your order. Modern Automotive Performance is always a right turn for you.