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Lifters & Rocker Arms

What are rocker arms used for?

A rocker arm is a rod attached to each end of a camshaft. Given the context of an internal combustion engine, the spinning motion of the overhead camshaft pushes valves up and down for combustion. This motion allows air into and out of cylinders (to the outside end of the rocker arm), allowing fuel to combust. Without the rocker arm, the engine wouldn’t be able to function. The rocker arm translates the camshaft profile into motion for intake and exhaust valves. 

Rocker arm selection is situational. Whether it’s exhaust rocker arm parts, higher ratio rocker arms, magnum rockers, or a different type of rocker arm, your automotive replacement engine rocker arms really depend on what you’re working with, what your camshaft is, what your spring pressure is, whether you’re racing, autocrossing, or just street driving.

Can you drive a car with bad rocker arms?

With faulty, loose, or missing rocker arms, your car won’t drive smoothly, safely, or at all. Broken rocker arms will disable the cylinder associated with it and limit performance of your engine. 

Ultimately, the performance of your engine will be limited. 

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