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Performance Intercoolers & Components

The biggest rule of engine performance is that the more power you produce, the more heat you generate. When you’re ramping up the ponies with a turbocharger or supercharger, you’ll need a way to keep things cool if you don’t want to negate those performance gains. (We hope you enjoyed that lesson in thermodynamics.) MAP’s collection of performance intercoolers and accessories is the ideal solution for cooling the air being forced into the engine. From leading aftermarket manufacturers to our own intercooler systems, we have the components to keep you cool under the hood so you can stay red-hot on the road.

Modern Automotive Performance is a leader manufacturing and distribution of aftermarket Evo X parts and other DSM vehicles, and an Evo X MAP intercooler kit is a must have for track days, with all piping and hardware included for installation. We hand-fabricate intercoolers for a number of other vehicles as well, which lower air temperatures by 30-40 degrees while making your car look like the coolest physics lesson around. Each stylish intercooler we carry, whether made in-house or by top companies such as ETS and Treadstone, is designed for peak efficiency and airflow, dissipating the maximum amount of heat for better engine performance and longevity. A variety of core thicknesses are available depending on your needs.

MAP also offers a number of intercooler components for installing a new system or upgrading your current one. Choose from replacement oversize pipes, charge pipe upgrades, torque plates, clamp kits, sprayers and other parts and accessories to increase airflow and cooling power. Our resident gearhead are always available by phone, email or live chat for assistance with questions about intercoolers or the meaning of life, and our fitment tool makes it easy to get the right system for your car. Always stay cool behind the wheel and in the wallet with our low prices and free shipping on qualifying orders.