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Intake Manifolds & Accessories

When your parents said that you get out what you put in, we’d like to think they were talking about car engines. But even if that was just our parents, it’s still sound advice. The better you can get air and fuel into your hot rod’s engine, the better it will perform – it’s just a fact. When you install intake manifolds and accessories from Modern Automotive Performance to do the job, you’ll feel the difference every time you step on the gas.

Each intake manifold we sell is designed to not just supply more air and fuel to your cylinder heads, but to do it in a way that maximizes horsepower and efficiency. From the aluminum Skunk2 Pro Series manifold to the stainless steel Kinetix Racing Velocity manifold, these precision-machined components are engineered for high flow, even distribution and longevity with a sweet look. Choose from intakes designed for naturally aspirated or forced induction engines, with manifolds for every purpose and budget, whether you’re a Saturday cruiser or a pro drifter.

Mitsubishi car owners have been relying on MAP for aftermarket performance for a decade running, and that includes intakes as well. Find an OEM Mitsubishi Evo 3 intake manifold, an in-house Evo X MAP intake, custom Evo intake injectors and other components. If you don’t have a DSM ride, don’t fret – we also have intake manifolds for Hondas, Acura’s, Nissans, Dodges and other major car makes. Use our Choose Your Car fitment tool or contact our expert technicians if you have questions about what’s right for you.

A new manifold alone won’t make you into a speed king, and we offer all the accessories you could need for installation and maximum performance, including EGR block off plates, bypass valves, gaskets, plugs and TGV deletes. You can even install a vacuum manifold, using the natural vacuum effect to power brake boosters and other auxiliary systems. With free shipping on many orders and our Loyalty Rewards program, you can afford to give your car the best when you shop with us.