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Induction Fabrication Components & Hardware

Find the parts and accessories you need to customize your turbocharger or supercharger with Modern Automotive Performance’s selection of induction fabrication components. Many forced induction systems, whether they come with the car or as an aftermarket add-on, are designed to be the primary modification to your engine. But if you have made additional modifications, or just have a smaller engine bay, then you may need to come up with an alternative setup. Whether you need to make your system’s design more efficient or are trying to squeeze out a little more power, we have a number of supercharger and turbocharger fabrication components so you can do the job in the comfort of your own garage.

The biggest part of many automotive customizations is piping, and we have both straight and mandrel bend induction pipes that can be cut and tailored to meet your needs. Treadstone aluminum piping is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that is practically immune from rust and corrosion. It is also easy to weld with a strong, clean finish. Intercoolers are another great induction customization option. Options range from inexpensive Mishimoto Z-line intercoolers to cutting-edge Precision Turbo intercoolers that keep air cool for maximum power. You will need to hold everything in place as well, and our in-house stainless steel clamps are specifically designed to use with soft silicone hoses for high boost use.

Add in our mounting flanges, discharge flanges and couplers, and you will have everything you need to get out the welder and start fabricating the perfect forced induction system. We have customized enough turbochargers and superchargers to know the challenges, and in addition to providing assistance with parts and ordering questions, we can also offer induction fabrication tips to help you do it right the first time. Just call 1-888-MAPERFORMANCE to speak with one of our expert mechanics. Fast free shipping is available for any order of $249 or more, and our low prices mean you can afford to get the best for your performance vehicle.