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Ignition Components

Using performance intakes and manifolds to pump more air and fuel into your engine is like adding more wood to an unlit campfire. Sure, it’ll burn a lot stronger and longer once it’s lit – but how were you planning on lighting it? You can either rely on spontaneous combustion to happen sometime in the next century, or you can provide a spark to begin the process. Since new air and gas are constantly flowing into your engine, more sparks are constantly needed, and our ignition components are designed to meet the needs of high-performance vehicles.

From spark plugs to coil on plug systems, we have the parts and accessories needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture in your engine’s combustion chambers. Each spark plug we sell is designed to give you superior throttle response and anti-fouling. NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs are ideal for turbocharged engines thanks to the high melting point of the iridium electrode tip, while long-lasting HKS Super Fire Racing spark plugs will handle advancing tuning and prevent carbon build-up. Multiple fitments are available for turbo vehicles, including Mitsubishi, Subaru and many other makes and models.

Electrical current is needed to generate that great igniting power, and we have plenty of components available beyond NGK & Denso spark plugs. MSD ignition components are trusted by racers everywhere, and an MSD ignition box, ignition coil or tach driver will fire up your engine as well. A Mishimoto replacement starter will seamlessly replace your OEM starter and comes with a lifetime warranty, while an AEM fuel ignition controller will allow you to adjust timing and fuel. And if your Mitsubishi Evo alternator has gone bad, you’ll salivate over our price on OEM replacements.

In order for an internal combustion engine to work, you need combustion – it’s right in the name, after all – and for combustion, you need ignition. We’ve tested hundreds of performance ignition components, and offer the best ones available at prices you can afford. Order today and feel the spark whenever you fire up your ride.