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Ignition Coils

We’re pretty sure that if someone figures out how to make a machine that produces power out of nothing, it’s going to look a lot like an engine coil. These amazing parts take a small spark and magnify it into something thousands of times stronger, in order set the fuel in your cylinders on fire.

These critical parts ensure that your engine runs strongly and reliably, without knockbacks or misfires. We carry several coils by brands such as AEM Electronics, SpoolinUp and MSD made to fire up engines for strong starts. We also have high-performance options for engines that have higher power demands, such as HEMI engines.

We want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance. We’ll help keep your car running smoothly, whether you take it out for simple daily drives or are improving it to take on the competition at the track. Our shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program will help you save money for your next project.