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Racing Helmets – Pyrotect Pro –

Most performance drivers think if their head cracks, it’s going to get expensive. That is accurate in more ways than one. A lot can go wrong in performance racing. From explosions to wrecks, the track can be a dangerous place. If the worst happens to you, then quite frankly, we at Modern Automotive Performance are much less worried about your engine’s head, and much more worried about your actual head.

All the ideas you have for your vehicle, all the creative inspirations, all the ingenious solutions and everything else come from that amazing brain of yours. If you’re going to cruise down a track at high speeds, neck and neck with other drivers, then your noggin needs its own armor.

You may notice that in other categories of equipment we sell, we offer multiple brands. When it comes to defending your dome, there’s only one choice here. Pyrotect helmets are some of the best available, with their combinations of venting and protection from crashes and fire. The line offers myriad options, from open face to full face designs. Venting ranges from clever design that channels more air to attachments for TriFlow systems.

Most of their options are equipped with their unique six-pad system for ensuring a perfect fit. The eye holes are wide, offering a large field of visibility. Made from durable materials such as carbon fiber, they are SNELL approved for safety, vacuum bagged and autoclave cured for even more strength and come in black or white fire-retardant finishes.

Our staff is full of helpful gearheads who’d be happy to tell you more about head safety on the phone or over email, so contact us with your questions. There is no substitute for protecting your cranium. Cars come and go, but your safety is the most important thing. Don’t take any chances with your life.