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Gear Sets & Final Drives

If you’re like us, you spend plenty of waking hours looking at every part in your project and wondering how you can get more out of it. At Modern Automotive Performance, our staff of gearheads and grease monkeys has spent collective decades doing that, and trying out different options.

One of the more unconventional places we’ve found is in the final drive of your rear differential. An adjustment in your final drive ratio can give you an edge in either power or acceleration, depending on which way you want to go. And whichever way that is, we carry final drives and gear sets made by some of racing’s finest manufacturers, such as OS Giken, Tomei and IAG Performance.

Contact us today and tell us all about your project and how you’d like to drive it. We aim to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance. Our experts will help you pick out a system based on your needs, no matter what you drive.