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Fuel Pressure Regulators & Accessories

While it’s easy think that more is always better when it comes to fuel, every car engine has an optimal fuel pressure – and as Goldilocks showed us, too little OR too much can be disastrous. That being said, any upgrade or alteration to an engine component can change where this fuel pressure “sweet spot” falls. Adjusting to your new engine reality is essential in order to maximize power and efficiency, especially if you have a supercharger or turbocharger. With aftermarket fuel pressure regulators, install kits and accessories from Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll always be able to get your fuel just right.

Adding an aftermarket fuel regulator allows any gearhead to fine-tune the flow rate to ensure the proper air/fuel ratio, prevent either engine starving or flooding. Whether you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use Blox fuel pressure regulator or a Tomioka Racing Pro Series regulator for upgraded fuel systems, we have something to meet your needs and fit your budget. Our MAP AFPR install kits are put together in-house and include a regulator, gauge, fuel line and everything else you need to monitor and adjust fuel pressure on the fly. You even get to choose your fuel line type and regulator color so you have the best combination of function and style.

At MAP, we know what brings car enthusiasts back, and it isn’t porridge and rocking chairs – it’s the best parts at the best prices with the best service. That’s why we carry only the best fuel pressure regulators from top manufacturers, along with fuel pressure gauges, regulator adapters, fittings and other accessories to make them work better for you. Our prices are unmatched in the industry, and when you contact us by phone, email or live chat, you get expert advice from people with decades of experience working on cars. Use our fitment tool to find the regulators and kits built for your ride, and we’ll ship them today so you can do things right the first time and every time.