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Fuel Pressure Regulators

Adjustible Fuel Pressure Regulator Kits & Adapters

When you're looking to get the perfect fuel pressure regulator for your vehicle, shop MAPerformance! We carry every capacity & style of fuel pressure regulators, always at the lowest price on the web. While OEM regulators get the job done, installing an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator will give you the performance & control your car is begging for. Shop top brands like Holley Brands, Turbosmart, Perrin, Hybrid Racing, Aeromotive, & more.

How to Identify a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator

"There are several ways to tell if you need to pick up a new fuel pressure regulator from MAPerformance. Some of these symptoms are blatant and easy to diagnose, while others can be discrete and easy to miss, so it's really important to check these things regularly. Symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator:

  • Black smoke out of the tailpipe
  • Gas dripping from the exhaust
  • Choppy engine
  • Problems decelerating

High-quality Fuel Pressure Regulators at the Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

MAPerformance is committed to delivering the top-shelf products at the lowest price on the web. Our price match guarantee, easy returns, & fast shipping make buying from MAPerformance the best decision you can make when shopping for a fuel pressure regulator.