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High Performance Fuel Lines, Filters & Accessories

Most car enthusiasts only think about fuels when it’s going to one of three places: into the tank, into the engine or onto the ground. To ensure more of the first two options and less of the third one next time you’re on the track, trust Modern Automotive Performance’s selection of fuel lines, fuel filters and accessories. Without clean fuel flowing, it’s only a matter of time before your engine starves, and our premium lines and filters will keep it well-fed even under the most intense conditions.

We carry only the best high performance fuel lines to withstand the extreme heat and forces of the track. Our in-house MAP fuel feed kits are specially designed for DSM vehicles with all fittings and hardware. We also carry fuel line hoses from Gates, STM and IAG for use with almost any form of fuel in use today, from diesel to methanol. Whether you need a SRT 4 fuel line, 6AN fuel line or anything in between, these abrasion-resistant push lock fuel lines and braided stainless steel lines will look great underneath your hood.

A good fuel line filter for keeping out dirt and grime out of your injector is just as important, and our filters are more than up to the task. From MAP inline fuel filters to AEM high volume filters, each one provides the best protection without reducing fuel flow. Choose from paper or steel mesh filter elements manufactured to work with high-horsepower engines so you can hammer down with confidence. Both universal-fit and vehicle-specific filters are available, and our expert gearheads are here for assistance if you’re not sure whether one will fit your ride.

Don’t be the person who doesn’t think about their fuel system unless there’s a problem – be proactive so you’ll never get bogged down. Make sure to check out our fitting, clamps, fuel system cleaners and other accessories as well. If our great selection and prices somehow isn’t enough to convince you to order today, then know we also offer same-day shipping, plus savings on future orders with our Loyalty Rewards program.