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Front Lips / Splitters

Improve your car’s aerodynamics with front lips, splitters and spoilers from Modern Automotive Performance.

Aerodynamics is a big deal. Modern car design, however, allows most drivers to take it for granted. Just because something looks all curvy and sporty doesn’t mean it channels air effectively. The more aerodynamic resistance can be neutralized, the more efficient and powerful your engine becomes.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve tested a myriad of different solutions for helping air flow around a car. Not everything we’ve tested works as advertised. That’s why we stick with only the products we’ve found make a difference: We won’t waste your time or money with a front spoiler lip that we wouldn’t install on our own cars.

That’s why you’ll see brands from some of the most trusted names in the industry, such as GReddy, Agency Power, Vorsteiner and Seibon. These front lips, front spoilers and other splitters will help your Evo X, Ford Mustang, Subaru WRX and other models slice through the air gracefully, almost like you’re flying. They will also help you add stability and control when negotiating curves. The right aerodynamic aids can give you an edge that helps you dominate on the track, course, city or wherever the competition finds you.

What do you drive and how do you want to drive it? Are you focused on crafting a show-stopper, or looking to improve your handling? We’ll help you do both, so that you can win trophies for showtime and racetime. Just contact our staff of gearheads today, and we’ll help you figure out the best front lips, front spoilers and other splitters for your model. Pair that with our amazing prices, outstanding shipping rates and generous Loyalty Rewards program, and you’ll find yourself with a nice stash of cash for your next upgrade. Let Modern Automotive Performance help you make your automotive dreams into reality.