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Forced Induction Turbos & Superchargers

What is forced induction?

All natural is all the rage for cars today. We love natural, but when it’s time to feed your engine, natural will only get you so far–especially on the performance side of things. While atmospheric pressure by itself feeds adequate air to your cold air intake ­system for dropping the kiddos off at practice or running errands (power output of a typical street engine), satisfying your need for speed may require something more. Our forced induction engine systems and components give engines the help they need to run more powerfully than with natural aspiration alone. There’s more turbocharging or supercharging your engine than just the main system, and MAPerformance has the go fast components to keep your suddenly powerful engine from becoming a useless pile of metal.

Our boost controllers are essential for fine-tuning the effects of your new system without the risk of over-boosting. Adding an actuator will improve response and sensitivity while fine-tuning your boost pressure, while an intercooler will help keep the compressed air cool and reduce knocking. And a Turbosmart blow off valve will give your car the distinct turbo engine power sound you’ve been dying to hear.

Does forced induction increase horsepower?

Yes. The advantages of forced induction are many, but increased power output is the most prominent. A system that uses this technology can easily overcome atmospheric pressure limitations by pushing more air into cylinders and increasing the total compression ratio of the entire system, bringing in more power.

Forced induction kits

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