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Lightweight Flywheels & Bolts

Is a lightweight flywheel worth it?

Yes – Lightweight flywheels are worth it. A lighter flywheel saves fuel, makes your engine lighter and more efficient, and boosts acceleration and power. Lightweight flywheels are the standard in the automotive performance industry.

Lighter flywheel products have become a hot topic among competitor car owner groups and the automotive industry in general. Manufacturers are looking for lighter and lighter components to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and save weight. The usual decel noise doesn’t change much by adding a lightweight flywheel, and it’s a lighter and more compact version of the traditional steel wheel (which can be an added headache to your acceleration) with not many down sides, designed to give you better acceleration, lower your vehicle's center of gravity, and help maintain engine RPMs at peak efficiency.

Does a lightweight flywheel make a difference?

We think so! Lightweight flywheels are lighter and faster than their heavier counterparts, which means they can reduce your engine's load by up to 10%, which is HUGE on the track. Weight is not the only factor in deciding which type of flywheel you want, but it does make a difference in performance. A lighter flywheel also provides better acceleration and reduces the need for downshifting in order to maintain speed.

MAPerformance has lightweight flywheel inventory

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