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Fluid Temperature Gauges

Even casual drivers are experienced with monitoring the temperature of their engines. The only difference between casuals and racers is that we have spent much more time and money into our systems, and a blowout could set us back significantly.

Keep track of how hot your systems are running with automotive temperature gauges from Modern Automotive Performance. We carry a wide variety of gauges and sensors from the industry’s best manufacturers, such as GlowShift Gauges, BLOX Racing and Prosport Performance. These sensors feature premium components for accurate readings, and the gauges are designed for high legibility at a glance. Made to fit a variety of dashboard configurations, many of them come with options to match your other internal components.

Our staff of mechanics can help you get the right gauge for your system, no matter what you need to monitor, including oil, water and transmission fluids. With this critical information at hand, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your vehicle and protect your investment.